Specialty Pipe & Recovery

When you have an emergency in the field its our #1 priority to get you back up and running ASAP. That’s why we’re on call 24/7.


Our Pipe Recovery Process

At Chemix we take a deliberate and calculated process when we’re on the job. Each individual job has specific details and complications that may arise which makes the information gathering process vital to our success. From our first step on site we’re gathering as much information about the job, equipment and teams as possible in order reduce downtime.

Our goal is to put 100% of the pipe back on the reel and eliminate the huge investment brought on by fishing out the pipe.

By having Chemix save the pipe, we can also save you millions by avoiding unnecessary procedures such as fishing the pipe and having to buy a new full string. That process creates additional downtime and unexpected expenses.

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Our strengths are team experience, chemicals and applied practices that have been learned over time. We handle each job differently because each task presents different variables and hurdles we’ll need to overcome.

If you get a pipe stuck, call us before the problem gets any worse. One of the most common mistakes during a stuck pipe is when the team tries to fix it on their own. Chemix Services are the experts in pipe recovery. Eliminate the stress and unnecessary expenses and call Chemix (210) 477-5485.