Chemical Mixing Plants

When Chemix shows up on site we bring our top of the line chemical mixing plants. Read more about our mixing plants or as we like to call them, “The Mixer” below!



About Our Chemical Mixing Plants

At Chemix, we use high quality, API certified equipment designed for less downtime. We’ve developed our coiled tubing chemicals specifically for shale formations.

  • Climate controlled doghouse for operators
  • 53′ drop deck, fully contained, all steel constructed trailer
  • (3) 310 gallon chemical tote tanks
  • (2) onboard filter pods
  • OSHA approved drop down walk ways and hand rails
  • All electrical and lighting are explosion proof
  • Unit is equipped with two emergency generator shut off switches
  • Micro Motion chemical metering system
  • Data acquisition system
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More About The Units

  • Drip tray with lip around centrifugal pumps, hydraulic powerpacks and chemical injection pumps
  • Bypass valves on all plumbing
  • Lighting system for 24 hour operations
  • (2) 60 HP hydraulic power packs with 30 gallon capacity fluid tanks
  • Hydraulic 20′ roof that lifts and lowers
  • (3) Hydraulic chemical injection pumps for built-in tote tanks

Data Acquisition System (Available Upon Request)

  • Real time monitoring and recording of all sensors
  • Built in cell and Wi-Fi modules for easy 24/7/365 technical support
  • Ability to email job reports directly from system.
    • “Black box” tracking of operator acknowledgement of changes made for enhanced operator accountability
  • Advanced graphing features include:
    • Toggle your graph view to show the complete job history or stripe chart style to show last ten minutes
    • Add notes / markers to specific points during the job

Micro Motion Metering System

  • Flow meters for friction reducer, gel and pipe lubricant
  • Adjustable flow meters for a constant chemical flow rate
  • Micro Motion coriulis meters have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance free
  • Because maintenance does not involve disassembling the meter; safety and environmental hazards are avoided and calibration is only required on an as needed basis rather than on a regular schedule
  • All meters have certificates of calibration on each mixing plant
  • Chemical manifold built to add chemicals to each tank

Chemical Mixing Tanks

  • (1) 40 Bbl mixing tank
  • (2) 20 Bbl mixing tanks
  • Live water rim for adjustable shearing jets
  • Dual paddle agitators in each tank
  • Equalizing system
  • Barrel counters on each tank
  • Catwalks around mixing tanks
  • Expanded metal over mixing tanks