Filtration & Water Transfer

When Chemix shows up on site we bring our top of the line test pumps to our customers with the most advanced technology on the market.

Our Test Pumps

  • Twin 240 gallon fresh water tanks
  • 11 GPM at 15k
  • 500, 1k, 15k and 20k pound chart recorder calibrated and certified ANSI / NCSL Z540, I & ISO 10012-1
  • Pop-off valves for all chart recorders
  • Safety features for our test pumps such as rupture discs and pop-off valves
  • Low pressure pop off valve for the 1,000 pound chart recorder
  • All pumps and hoses are tested and certified to meet API 674 standards
  • All high pressure hoses are certified and inspected for wear and tear before and after every job